Reinis Lismanis, from Trial and Error

I’ll be discussing conceptual frameworks that underpin contemporary art photography as part of Reinis Lismanis’ show “Trial and Error” at the Latvian National Art Museum:

“Framing Photography: #object #process #everyday”
2018 Jan 18, 18:00
LNMA Exhibition Hall ARSENĀLS, Riga

In this lecture-talk, artist and curator Paul Paper will discuss Reinis Lismanis’ exhibition Trial and Error in the context of contemporary photography, aiming to locate its place within the tradition of photographic exhibitions in the Baltics. Through three keywords – an object, the process, and everyday – some of the conceptual strategies of Trial and Error will be explored, opening up an unorthodox way to talk about art photography today. Using works presented in the show as examples, the talk will also touch on the challenges of exhibiting photography in network-empowered culture as well as some theoretical influences (such as François Laruelle and Vilém Flusser) that frame the circulation of images today.

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