I visited Palanga Street Radio to play some music

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Reinis Lismanis, from Trial and Error

I’ll be discussing some of the theoretical influences that frame the viewing and making of contemporary photography – as well as what it means to be an ‘image-maker’ today. Part of Reinis Lismanis’ exhibition ‘Trial and Error’ at the Latvian National Art Museum.

Framing Photography: #object #process #everyday
2018 Jan 18, 18:00
LNMA Exhibition Hall Arsenals, Riga

In this lecture-talk, artist and curator Paul Paper will discuss Reinis Lismanis’ exhibition Trial and Error in the context of contemporary photography, aiming to locate its place within the tradition of photographic exhibitions in the Baltics. Through three keywords – an object, the process, and everyday – some of the conceptual strategies of Trial and Error will be explored, opening up an unorthodox way to talk about art photography today. Using works presented in the show as examples, the talk will also touch on the challenges of exhibiting photography in network-empowered culture as well as some theoretical influences (such as François Laruelle and Vilém Flusser) that frame the circulation of images today.

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Contemporary Contemporary Photography (2017) is published by Lodret Vandret

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I was invited to curate a selection of Lithuanian photobooks that were exhibited at at Fotobok Gothenburg festival, 28-30 September 2017

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As part of Tallinn Photomonth, ‘Too Good to be Photographed’ book launch will feature panel discussion on the project and questions it raises with Rye Dag Holmboe, Hanna Putz, and Kristina Õllek .

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TGTB launch NY 20170920 1



TGTB launch NY 20170920 3



Moments from ‘Too Good to be Photographed’ book launch & discussion at Rubber Factory gallery, NY on Sept 20. The panel featured: Yael Eban, Roksana Filipowska, and Jaclyn Wright. Big thanks to Mike Tan, Rubber Factory, Lugemik, and all who joined!

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Too Good to be Photographed book is available for preorders

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Too Good to be Photographed‘ is a project that explores photographic failure, and is an outcome of my conversations with over 60 photographers over the past year and a half. The result will be a book designed by Indrek Sirkel and published by Estonian art publisher Lugemik. It will be available in September 2017 and launched at New York Art Book Fair.

Thank you all who supported the project through Kickstarter campaign.

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From You Belong to Me series. Geistė Kinčinaitytė.

I’ll be discussing the state of contemporary Lithuanian photography at Calvert 22 Foundation, 7pm 10th November. Join us if you are in London!

More info here.

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From This is It/Now. Roxana Azar, David Brandon Geeting, 2015

Kate Palmer Albers on digital image circulation, experiential modes of viewing and This is It/Now project (curated by Max Marshall and myself) on Circulation Exchange:

I’ve been interested in the creative possibilities of disappearing photos for a few years now, particularly in relation to how we assign value. Disappearing photographs force the issue: there’s no way to value them except as experiential. So last summer I was happy to hear about an exhibition that took place entirely on the app built around a default mode of image disappearance, Snapchat. Aptly titled This Is It/Now, the exhibition ran for 6 weeks, featured one artist per week, and was organized by the collaborative duo Max Marshall and Paul Paper. Per the restrictions of the app, the artists posted images (accumulations of still images or videos) that were viewable by followers of the This Is It/Now account for 24 hours.

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Smoke Screen is now part of Kaleid editions 2016 collection.

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Blog Re-Blog. Jure Kastelic and Thomas Humery, August 2014, Signal Gallery, NYC

I will be giving a talk about my own curatorial practice and few notes on the current state of curating the digital (photographic) image on 22nd April at symposium ‘Image and Photography in the Post-Digital Era‘ of Riga Photography Biennial.

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Huffington Post named ‘Smoke Screen‘ one of 10 favorite books at 2016 LA Art Book Fair. Their take:

What happens when an image file becomes corrupted or obsolete? In most cases all one is left with is a file name, metadata. Paul Paper’s new book emulates the conditions of the digital screen and mediated experience, by separating the image from its text, or “metadata,” the keywords relating to the image. This smartly designed, monochromatic book frustrates easy consumption of the image while calling attention to the digital image’s constituent parts.

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Moments from joint book launch with Anu Vahtra at Contemporary Art Museum Estonia.
Many thanks to Lugemik and Tallinn Photomonth for making this happen!

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Lugemik and Tallinn Photomonth present:

Book launch in 4 acts: “Smoke Screen” by Paul Paper (LT) and “Untitled” by Anu Vahtra (EE), accompanied by a conversation between the artists.

Saturday, 17 October, 19.30
Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM)

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Smoke Screen will be launched at New York Art Book Fair.
I’ll be signing copies on Friday, 18th September, 4pm at Lodret Vandret booth (B03 in The Dome). Come up to say hi!

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This Is It/Now – Snapchat photography exhibition starts today!

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